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Dear Media Pundits and Adarsh Liberals – PM Modi not duty bound to emulate your hypocritical ‘Dadri dance’!

Dear Media Pundits and Adarsh Liberals – PM Modi not duty bound to emulate your hypocritical ‘Dadri dance’!
A lot has been said in the media about the “Dadri” incident. For nearly 3-4 weeks now, it seems that our mainstream media has been giving “very high” coverage to this incident – as if nothing else and nothing good is happening in this country. Why I used the words “very high” will be evident if u read my previous article :
On observing the various news “debates”, “opinions” and “editorials” in mainstream media, it seems that it wants us to believe that i) ‘Dadri’ is the only “communal” incident that has taken place in India in the past 17 months; ii) ‘Dadri’ is the only threat to the ‘Idea Of India’; iii) A misdeed by a few people will wash away all the good work and good will done by the Central Government under Prime Minister Modi and iv)We should feel ashamed to be an Indian now.
On reading my previous article [link already posted], it would be clear that Dadri is not the only communal incident in the country, there have been many more – and there is clear evidence of mainstream media discriminating and also twisting stories while giving coverage to such incidents.
An incident in which the victims are Hindus [majority community] [most of the cases], never get covered by the media. Prima Facie from the coverage of Dadri incident appears that mainstream media does care about lives of “minorities” only. But then its attitude and coverage of the Bhagalpur riots report breaks this illusion. In Bhagalpur riots of 1989, nearly 1000 people died, of which 900 were “minorities”. After years of investigation, a report was finally tabled in Bihar Legislative Assembly this year, which clearly blames Congress party and police responsible for the riots. Bihar was under congress rule in 1989. But how much coverage was given to this report? It barely made it to the headlines. There were absolutely no high decibel debates on it and no questions were asked to any Congress leaders !
Thus, from media coverage, one is forced to conclude that i)the lives and conditions of Hindus victimised in communal violence have no value for them; ii) the lives of minorities in Congress ruled states also have no value for them; and iii) only the lives of minorities in non-congress ruled states have value for them.

  1. Prime Ministers – different attitudes:
 With such a hypocritical and biased attitude, we see some so called “intellectuals” and “political pundits” demand a statement from the PM over it. Ok, firstly let us talk some Indian Constitution. The Constitution clearly demarcates the responsibilities of the Central and the State governments. Law and order is the responsibility of the State and not the Central Government [except in UTs].In the case of UP, it is thus the responsibility of Akhilesh Yadav government and not the Modi government.
After the Akhilesh Yadav government took power in 2012, law and order in UP has deteriorated. There have been several communal incidents due to the appeasement policy followed by the UP government.But did any media person ever grill Akhilesh or his father?? No! Rather than questioning the person who is constitutionally responsible for law and order, they want the Prime Minister to speak.
Ok, for a few moments,let us assume that the PM owes a “moral” if not constitutional responsibility to speak up. Now let us take up another case – In 2012, there was communal violence in Assam, in which nearly 3% of the state's population was displaced. There was a Congress state government and a congress Central governmentMost Indians today, would not know that Manmohan Singh was a Rajya Sabha MP from Assam – because hardly any media covered this fact. Now if according to mainstream media,if Modi is supposed to speak up on the Dadri incident from UP, despite the state not having a government of his party, then according to their own unconstitutional logic, wasn’t Manmohan also supposed to speak up on Assam violence, as the state was ruled by his own party? But mainstreammedia never bothered to demand answers from Manmohan Singh on it, or from CM Tarun Gogoi. Thus, the “moral” duties of the Prime Minister according to them seem to be highly relative, i.e. they depend upon the party to which the Prime Minister belongs.
Then there is a class of “intellectuals” and “adarsh liberals”who say that there is no difference between Modi and Manmohan as Modi is also silent like Manmohan. Well, dear ‘unconstitutional’ intellectuals, Manmohan was silent, both in words and actions on all the wrongdoings taking place for which the Central government bears responsibility [2g Spectrum and Coal Block auctions,defence scams,etc]. He took no strict action to prevent scams. While Modi is not silent on anything for which the Central Government bears responsibility. It seems in your dislike for Modi, you have forgotten the constitution as well. Or probably, you never read it!
Thus, the hypocrisies of mainstream media and adarsh liberals, make their ranting over Dadri look like a choreographed puppet dance. The PM and the Central government under him is doing everything to give us a bright economic future, with fruitful results as investments are coming in and schemes are showing success. And at this time, the adarsh liberals and mainstream media seem to be hell bent on denting the efforts. Some of them opine “India will not become a superpower, if such incidents happen”. Well dear liberals, stupidity and disrespect of law by a few people will not dent the economic future of a Country. Hate crimes happen in many developed countries, including the superpower US – but they did not prevent it from becoming a superpower. But your puppet dance surely make us feel that you want to damage India’s prospects.
So dear adarsh liberals and mainstream media – kindly stop your puppet Dadri dance now. And if you can’t, then just remember – the PM is not duty bound to emulate it.

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