Friday, 13 April 2018

The Dangerous religious profiling of Rape Victims by presstitutes , fraud intellectuals and Bollymorons !

A rape is disgusting , but selective outrage on basis of religion of rape victim is also disgusting.

Recently , media is doing 24/7 outrage on 2 rape cases - Kathua rape case in J&K and Unnao Rape case in UP.

In Kathua rape case , an 8 year old girl Asifa was raped inside a temple by someone who allegedly calls himself a Hindu (quite possible he may not be ,so let enquiries ascsertain this).

But the narrative that the fraud presstitute media , and fraud jhollachaap intellectuals , including Bollytards are creating is that a Muslim girl was raped inside a Temple and hence entire India , especially Hindus should be ashamed of themselves.

Now tell me what nonsense is this.
Here religion of victim is being raised as well as that of rapist.
A cartoon is also being shared where Sita tells Shri Ram “I am happy that Ravan kidnapped me and not your bhakts.”

Those retards sharing this don’t know that Ravan was a rapist- he had raped his nephew Nalkuber’s wife before - and he couldn’t touch Sita only because NalKuber had cursed him that his head would burst if he tries to rape any other woman.”

Now all Hindus/Ram Bhakts are being shamed
because a (Muslim) girl was raped in a Temple. What about dozens of Ram Bhakts/Hindus protecting women and girls ??
At that time no presstitute aur Fraud jhollachaap intellectual or Bollytard would credit Hinduism or Shri Ram for it ? Because the bastards are hypocrites of the first order.

It is this hypocrisy is making me doubt that the person who raped may also turn out to be a fake Hindu working on ISI orders.

Now in another rape case in Sasaram, Bihar , a minor Hindu girl was raped by a Muslim.
Before that , this year , there have been cases of illegally imported Muslims raping local Hindu girls in Assam.

But I did not find any Bollywood asshole or fraud jhollachaap intellectual saying ALLAH BHAKTS RAPED A HINDU GIRL.
This , despite the cases of this happening usually far exceed the Asifa type cases.

In the Unnao Case , the person accused is a BJP MLA and this is what is driving the outrage. Hence considering the seriousness of the matter , CM Yogi Adityanath had initially formed an SIT for the case but then handed it over to the Country’s top investigative agency CBI.

But see the reactions of presstitutes in this case. Even before the top agencies complete their enquiries , they are 24/7 shaming that MLA just because he was accused of rape.

If agencies find that that he and raped , he should get the strictest punishment according to law.

But tellme what good does this media trial does. Just because someone is accused of rape is a politician, and belongs to the party that media hates, does this mean media shoud run the trial themselves ???

If by any chance , it turns out that the entire case was fake , the media would only make a headline out of it and escape.

That BJP MLA has been detained by CBI. CM Yogi even refused to meet him and will only meet if he is proven not guilty.

But u wont see any presstitute or jholaachaap crediting CM Yogi for daring to go for a top level enquiry against his own MLA ??? No !

Also , the calls for removal of UP DGP over this case only add to my suspicion of ulterior motives - because under the current DGP , UP police is doing sn excellent job of restoring law and order !

Moron Rahul Gandhi held a midnight March yesterday ONLY n ONLY for Asifa !!!
He dis not find the Hindu victim of Sasaram , Bihar or Assam worthy of getting justice.

And then Congress wants people to believe that if is not an anti-Hindu party !!!!!

Always demand the toughest legal punishment for rapist if found guilty, but DO NOT FALL FOR THE NONSENSE THAT PRESSTITUTES , BOLLYMORONS AND FAKE JHOLLACHAAPS ARE PERPETRATING. They want you to (Wrongly) believe that India is a Country of Rapists, a rape capital, and that the Devi worshipping Hindus are the chief reasons for this. All these reasons are false.

I am suspecting a hand of Breaking India forces in these sudden focus and outrage over rape cases. The timing only makes my suspicion more confirmatory !

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Untold horrors of 26/11 - How India was betrayed by the very people elected to protect it.

   Today-26/11/2017 is the 9th Anniversary of 1 of the most unforgettable days of our generation - 26/11 #MumbaiAttacks on India. 

   This day brings us memories which we Indians will never forget for our lifetime ! In terms of humiliation that Indians felt , this event is comparable perhaps only to Bhopal Gas Tragedy or India's loss in 1962 war to China.

   We salute our 18 martyrs [16 policemen and 2 NSG commandos] and each n every policeman ,fireman , NSG commando and staff of Hotels as also the announcer at CST station and each and every person who fought terrorists. Our Blood was shed by terrorists from Pakistan , but they alone are not to be blamed for this tragedy.

   By all accounts,26/11 was an avoidable tragedy. Having read a book on this attack , I know that Enough intelligence was available indicating terrorists are probably gonna attack Mumbai through the sea route. 

   But the passing the ball attitude of various agencies like Navy ,Coast Guard , IB , RAW combined with useless and irresponsible home ministers at both center and state ensured that terrorists cross multi layer security and killed people in Mumbai. The kind of pathetic and useless Home Ministers Congress and its allies have given us at the Center as well as Maharashtra state , had ensured that there was little or absolutely no co-ordination between different agencies like RAW ,IB , Indian Navy and Coast Guard.

   The home minister of India made the NSG plane wait for 45 minutes in Delhi just so that he cud carry his 'disaster tourism' -thereby wasting critical minutes. The home minister of Maharashtra gave a statement saying "bade bade shehron mei aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai". This statement was like sprinkling salt on the wounds.

   Contrast this with former Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani 's attitude. He used to take daily reports from intelligence , state police chiefs and each and every agency responsible for India's security. And used to ensure proper measures are taken on intelligence reports which ensured that India suffered far less terrorists attacks during his time , if not 0 !!

   This terrorist attack was a tight slap on the face of India - on the face of every Indian.

   What is more astonishing is the fact that terrorists had worn saffron band on their hands. This, along with the lax attitude of the government makes it very clear that 26/11 #MumbaiAttacks were not just a mere terror attack but a grand conspiracy to defame and ban Hindu Nationalist organizations like RSS and VHP.

   Had Shaheed Tukaram Omble not caught Kasab alive , losing his own life in the process, then the entire blame of 26/11 would have conviniently fallen on the non existent Hindu terrorists. It was because of his bravery of capturing Kasab alive that Kasab testified against Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), else both would have been given a clean chit by congress led UPA govt.

   To add to this , some traitor journalists were showing live footage of the attacks on television ,thereby exposing the positions of commandos , police and fire brigade on television , which was seen by handlers of terrorists in Pakistan and POK n reported to Mumbai terrorists. A useless Maharashtra government did not have a common-sense of not allowing journalists close to the scene of the attacks - n those journalists for the sake of TRPs ,sold and Nation.

   What was more painful is that Mumbaikars elected the same traitors in both the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections of 2009.

   Mumbai had suffered blasts on 7 local trains on 11th july 2006. After that had proper measures been taken n had proper laws been brought , then 26/11 would have never happened !! Even after 26/11 had proper measures been taken by cong govt n Maharashtra state government , then no further terrorist attacks shud have taken place in India !! But as fate has it , Maharashtra itself has suffered 3 terrorist attacks , 2 in Pune [2010,2012] and 1 in Mumbai [triple blasts of 2011]. India had reached such a stage under congress government where even towns invisible on India's map like Malegaon [MH] and Bodhgaya [Bihar] have witnessed terrorist attacks.

   That's because Congressi India n Congressi Maharashtra never wanted to fight terrorism the way it shud be fought. But with the hope that a Congress Mukt Bharat n a Congress Mukt Maharashtra will fight terrorism the way it should be , we once again pay tributes to the 18 martyrs who lost their lives in those 60 hours. Some lost their lives in real acts of bravery ,while some were fed as fodder to terrorists by a corrupt regime in Maharashtra that did not even ensure genuine bullet proof jackets n proper weapons for a police force of a city like Mumbai. But all died on d call of duty.

   Along with the martyrs , we also salute each and every policemen n Marcos n NSG commandos who fought the terrorists. We salute the brave hotel staff who went beyond the call of duties. And also THE FIRE BRIGADE OFFICIALS WHO WITHOUT ANY PROTECTION STOOD AS A SHIELD BETWEEN THE HOTELS N THE GUESTS so that the reluctant and frightened guests would come to the ladder ! In remembering the martyrs ,we must not forget them who threw their lives at Yamraj's doorstep in d call of duty yet survived.

   शहीदों की चिताओं पर हम लगायेंगे मेला । देश पर मिटने सालों के हम बनेंगे निशान । जय हिंद की सेना !!

Monday, 19 September 2016

The pain of Uri attack and the associated frenzied stupidity of Indian netizens

   Today ,18 September 2016, has been a terrible day for us Indians. We woke up to the terrible news of 17 of our soldiers being martyred in a terrorist attack in Uri, Kashmir. It feels immensely painful. And It is impossible to express the pain accurately in words. No amount of the saddest words can depict the grief which patriotic Indians go through during such events. Every such terrorist strike brings back the painful memories of 26/11 and that terrible feeling of being slapped hard which I had felt way back then.

   No amount of words can thank our soldiers and police who dedicate their entire lives so that we can live safely. I salute the soldiers martyred and injured in today's attack.

   I got this terrible news from twitter. But along with this painful news ,there is one more thing which bothers me. This thing is the low levels of understanding on the issue of internal security of the Country, which many people have - especially those people who classify themselves as Right Wingers.

   This lack of understanding gets evident from the tweets and comments I observed on twitter on the Uri attack throughout the day. Some of the common tweets/comments I observed include

1) "Where is 56 inches?"
2) "It is time for action and not just condemn"
3) "Destroy Pakistan with missiles !!!"
4) "We Need to be like Israel"

   Let us find if these comments are meaningful or just a frenzied outburst.

   I have been observing terrorism in India since the past 8 years. 1 of the problems with terrorism in India is that there have been so many attacks in the past decade and yet we have very poor memory of terrorist strikes. And hence I would like the readers to go back in time., because unless we do that , we would never be able to make accurate judgements.

   Let us go back to the 2005-2013 period. I attach the wikipedia list of terrorist incidents in India here. This list contains most, if not all terrorist strikes in the recent past ,especially the last decade and a half. The 2005-2013 was a very bloody phase of Indian history when it comes to terrorism.

  This is because earlier terrorism in India had some geographical limits - it was limited to Northeast ,followed by Punjab, Kashmir and Mumbai. But during the 2005-2013 period , we saw that terrorism penetrated every region of the Country. Beginning from the 2005 Delhi bomb blasts to the 2013 Patna blasts [Hunkaar rally blast] , pakistan sponsored terrorism struck every nook and corner of India. Forget metros , even smaller cities like Varanasi were bombed not once , but thrice !!! From Jaipur to Guwahati to Bengaluru to Pune to Hyderabad - many cities were bombed ,some more than once.

   The primary reason for this was UPA government's disastrous policies with respect to National security to appease its "minority" special religion vote bank. This point itself could be the subject of a separate blog post. One of the first things which UPA government did in 2004 on coming to power is to repeal the Prevention Of Terrorism Act [POTA] under the pretext of it being anti-minority. The hands of the intelligence agencies were tied up. The Ishrat Jahaan Fiasco is very well known and one can easily judge the impact it would have had on the morale of intelligence agencies. The UPA govt did nothing to fence and seal the India-Bangladesh border which was one of the favourite routes of terrorists. 25 terrorists [including the handler of the Pathankot attack] were released for FREE as a "GOODWILL" gesture by UPA government in 2010. These are just some of the points of the disastrous UPA policy. It's policy led to a large number of terrorists infiltrating India , many of them as sleeper cells.

  Now go back in time to 2014. Against this messy background in India , a new and deadlier terrorist group ,the ISIS was gaining power in West Asia. After taking charge as PM in 2014, one of the first things which Modi did is to give a free hand to intelligence agencies and anti-terrorism agencies like NIA to take down on terrorists and their activities. Three facts bear testimony to this fact.

1)The appointment of Ajit Doval as NSA.
2)The large number of terrorist rackets and cells busted during the 2014-2016 period and terrorists arrested.

   This third fact must be read again and again , especially by those who asked "Where is 56 inches?" in the aftermath of Uri attack today. Because considering the mess that the UPA government had left India in , especially with respect to security , the 3rd fact mentioned here would not have been possible without a 56 inch effort. Even in Punjab, 1 of the 2 terrorist strikes failed in its objective due to timely action taken by government on intelligence inputs.

   Also once again considering the mess that the UPA government had left the security of the Nation with 2 years ago, the large number of sleeper cells, there will be some days especially in the initial years of Modi government when no matter how hard the security agencies work ,they will fail to stop a terrorist strike - and today was one such unfortunate day.

  The main reason for revisiting the recent past and the deeds of UPA is that IF WE DO NOT REMEMBER THE PAST THAT WAS INHERITED TWO YEARS AGO and DO NOT OBSERVE HOW THINGS HAVE IMPROVED [fact 3] SINCE THEN , WE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE THE RIGHT JUDGEMENT on the success/failure of government and "56 inches".

  If at all there is a government who can fight terrorism in India , it is the 1 led by Narendra Modi.

  Now coming down to the 2nd and 3rd comments - "It is time for action and not just condemn" and "Destroy Pakistan with missiles"

  The Uri attack was not done directly by pakistan army , but by its proxy terrorists. Pakistan is fighting a proxy war against India in the form of terrorism.

 Now the question is , can we punish Pakistan for its proxy war by waging a real war against it ,[comment 3-"Destroy Pakistan with missiles"] . Let me give a clear answer to it and then explain it. The answer - whether one likes it or not is a loud ,clear NO.

 The reason is simple - Pakistan today , has atleast a 100 nuclear weapons. Now India has more nuclear weapons than Pakistan. If Pakistan uses its nuclear weapons on India and if India retaliates then there would be no Pakistan on this earth. But things are not this simple.

 Because as a matter of fact ,Pakistan is controlled by its army and ISI , both of which do not care about the ordinary people of Pakistan. This attitude has made Pakistan a self destroying Nation.
If at all war happens ,then the army men and ISI ruling pakistan would not hesitate to use Nuclear weapons against India ,as they do not really care what will happen to Pakistan if India retaliates.

  Now consider a scenario ,where Pakistan fires 100 of its 100 nuclear weapons against India. Even if 20 nuclear weapons hit their target ,the loss on Indian side would not be in thousands or lakhs but in crores of lives. Considering the mess in which UPA govt had left India two years ago, OUR MISSILE DEFENCE SYSTEM IS STILL NOT IMPENETRABLE ENOUGH to stop all the 100 incoming missiles. Hence out of 100 incoming missiles,20 are more than likely to hit us.


 In its 10 years ,the UPA destroyed India's defence preparedness as well as Indian economy. Also , an attacked Pakistan is more than likely to be helped by China - and we are in no position to fight both at the same time. Even if other Countries like US ,UK and France join us , the casualties on our side would still be in crores. Also , even if China does not help Pakistan initially , an India weakened by deadly nuclear strikes from Pakistan is more likely to be attacked by China. These considerations make it further difficult to fight a direct war against pakistan.

  Hence , Pakistan's proxy war cannot be fought back with a direct war. It will have to be fought with a proxy war. This war has to be fought by intelligence agencies like RAW, Once again , previous governments - Morarji Desai govt, I.K. Gujral govt and UPA govt had severely destroyed or hampered the Capabilities of RAW in Pakistan. One can google and know how former PM Morarji Desai revealed the details of RAW's operations to infiltrate Pakistan's nuclear facilities on phone to ZIa-Ul-Haq , or how I.K. ,Gujral ended all RAW operations in Pakistan,

  Dismantling an existing network is easy , but rebuilding such a network in an enemy Country and making it capable enough of surgical strikes is something which takes years - mere 2 years are not enough. Thus ,while the retaliatory operations will be covert , they will also require time.

  Now coming to the last comment - "We Need to be like Israel" . Well the fact is ,that Israel does not have nuclear armed neighbours like Pakistan and China - with 100 and 400+ nuclear warheads. None of Israel's neighbours and enemies possess nuclear weapons. Also, Israel never had self-destructive governments like those of Morarji Desai, I.K. Gujral or the UPA government of Manmohan Singh.

  Hence ,Israel can freely attack its non nuclear armed enemies while India cannot. The time for India to behave like Israel was when Pakistan had no nuclear weapons. But at that time we failed miserably. Nehru failed us in 1947 war, 1965 war was a stalemate, Indira failed us in 1971,Morarji in 1978 and then Pakistan was nuclear by 1990s.

  Thus , the only solution we have is busting and destroying the terrorist cells and networks in our Country and at the same time rebuilding the capabilities of our intelligence agencies for surgical strikes. While the former is clearly going on , we can hope that the latter must be going on as well.

  Finally, I would like to mention the "frenzied stupidity" mentioned in the title of this post is making illogical comments in anger like the once mentioned in this post. Getting angry and outraging is different and even I am angry at this attack.

  Now I end this post by once again saluting the martyrs injured soldiers of Uri. What I do to fight terrorism from my side is something which all of us can do. Every time,I have a look beneath my seat after sitting in a train or bus. Jai Hind.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Narendra Modi and the "Contrast Effect"- will it benefit him ?

  In the 26 months since that historic victory in the 2014 LS polls , one thing that has always followed PM Narendra Modi is a continous grilling of his activities- by a large section of the mainstream media of India, as well as by a section of the ordinary people. This grilling is probably unprecedented in Indian political history. No other Prime Minister has generated so much interest into his activities as Narendra Modi has - be it his schemes , foreign visits or simply anything.

   Now the question is - what has caused this sudden rise in grilling, unusally high for a Prime Minister in India's political history ?? Is it simply because of more media coverage that Narendra Modi has received compared to previous PMs ?? But then a question arises that what exactly has caused this increased media coverage - since media coverage is guided by TRP ?? Is this beneficial or harmful for PM Narendra Modi ?? Let us try to explore !

  First , let us study the contrast effect . It is one of the most important thinking errors that has hampered human psyche. It's understanding is crucial to exploring the answers to the above questions.

  Let us recall an example which many of us must have heard in our school days. Take 3 buckets, fill the first bucket with lukewarm water ,second bucket with hot water and the third bucket with ice water. Dip the right hand in the ice water and left hand in hot water for one minute , then dip both the hands in the lukewarm water. The lukewarm water feels cold to the left hand but piping hot to the right hand.

 This is the contrast effect . The water in the first bucket is lukewarm, but appears cold when contrasted against hot water and hot when contrasted against cold water. Without thecontrast effect, the water in the first bucket would feel to both hands what it actually is - lukewarm.

  The contrast effect arises out of comparison. We judge something to be beautiful, if we have some other thing which is ugly to compare it to. Similarly , we judge something to be expensive if we have a cheaper alternative. We have difficulty in making absolute judgements, that is when we don't have the option to compare. The contrast effect can thus, ruin the rationality of our judgements.
   This effect plays a huge role in politics. Because politicians are always compared to each other. A politician who is an average performer may seem good when compared to a total non-performer. Similarly , even the above average performance of a politician may seem unsatisfactory because a past politician , or another contemporary politician has performed excellent.

   Now let us go back in time to October 2001 - when Narendra Modi became Gujarat CM. The Kutch earthquake had rattled the state, Keshubhai Patel had failed to perform as CM ,and the BJP was headed for a defeat in the next assembly elections.

  But political opponents of BJP executed the Godhra Kand, leading to the 2002 Gujarat riots. The post riots atmosphere however helped BJP win 2/3rds majority in December 2002 Gujarat Assembly elections.

  Now comes the contrast effect into play. Ideally , the expectations from a politician should be rationally high. But due to mediocrity or below average characteristic of the performance of the past chief ministers, the expectations from CM Narendra Modi were not very high. As Modi has himself said on frequent occasions , people used to request to ensure electricity atleast during the dinner hours. Without the contrast effect , the expectations would have been of 24/7 power throughout the year , which they eventually got.

  Besides the 24/7 power, there were several other good socio-economic changes which were done by the Narendra Modi government in its 2002-2007 tenure. Discussing them would require several other blogs, and would lead us too far from our topic.

  Thus, while the expectations of people were low, Narendra Modi government performed beyond those expectations and the contrast effect worked highly in favour of CM Narendra Modi in Gujarat, since his performance seemed very good when compared to the past CMs. The few shortcomings of the 2002-2007 tenure were highly overlooked. The contrast effect along with largely all round performance ensured victories in 2007 and 2012 Gujarat assembly elections as well.

  Now let us come forward to 2013.-2014. The marketing of the achievements of his Gujarat government and of his promises if he becomes the Prime Minister , combined with the multiple failures of the UPA government at the Centre and the Congress led governments in the states, led to a historic victory of 336 seats.

  But how will the contrast effect work now ?? will it favour Narendra Modi ,or will it work against him ??

  There are two types of contrast effects possible here :

  1) Where his work is contrasted with the work of the previous UPA government , under which circumstances , Narendra Modi will benefit even if he fulfills only half of his promises.

  2) Where his work is contrasted with his own performance as CM and the expectations he created. In other words , PM Narendra Modi will be contrasted against PM candidate Narendra Modi and CM Narendra Modi. This contrast effect is unlikely to benefit him. Because , some of the expectations are of undefineable nature - like 'acche din' (good days).  The term 'acche din' itself is dependent on comparison and thus contrast effectcomes into play here.
Gujarat was resurrected by Narendra Modi over a period of 12 and a half years, a period which he got due to the favourable contrast effects as already mentioned above, while here he gets only 5 years initially. It is difficult to perform the magic of those 12 and a half years at state level in 5 years at National level.

  This contrast effect is also deadly since most people , including many of his supporters ,do not know how the so called Gujarat model was realised and how things will be different at the National level. Knowing what was achieved in Gujarat is one thing and knowing how it was achieved [The Gujarat Model] Also since empathizing with a man in a position of the Prime Minister at a time like 2014, would require combined knowledge of subjects like politics,economics, history and psychology , which few people have individually, making it even more difficult for them to empathize with PM Narendra Modi.

  This effect is also primarily the reason behind the grilling mentioned at the beginning of this post.

  Since the 2 contrast effects are of opposite nature ie. opposite in direction, they tend to cancel each other out. What Narendra Modi needs to do is ensure that the magnitude of the first contrast effect is more than that of the second. This can be done only and only through fulfilling maximum promises and proper communication.

  The various opinion polls conducted in the previous few months thankfully seem to show that the magnitude of the first effect is much more than the second, but this needs to be maintained.

  The supporters of Narendra Modi can become a great tool of communication for this. They need to develop their own own empathizing skills and then contrast the work of Narendra Modi government at the Centre with its predecessor in every field - defence ,agriculture, industry ,etc. More in Defence and Internal Security because they receive least attention in the media but shake up the soul and conscience of ordinary Indians like nothing else.

  To conclude, the overall contrast effect seems to be positive for now , and given the pace of development in many fields, including electorally crucial ones like power, combined with the master communicator that Narendra Modi is, the contrast effect is likely to be more favourable in 2019. While it is true that his communication is not in full power now, those who have observed Narendra Modi in Gujarat would know that he silently does his work for the first 3-4 years and communicates with public with full power in the last 1 or 2 years of his term, when he gets into the election mode.

  The constant phase of state asseembly elections has however prevented the communicator in him from hibernating , and when his and the party's communication comes out in full power in 2018, combined with the achievements, we will likely have a highly favourable contrast effect in time for the next Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Why PM Narendra Modi's Pakistan Policy is difficult to judge !

   In an interview on Aap Ki Adalat in 2009, the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had said "Pakistan ko usi ki bhasha mei jawaab dena chahiye aur yeh 'love letter' likhna band karna chahiye". 5 years after saying this 'What Indians want to hear' line ,he became the Prime Minister !! Since then , he has been alleged to have taken U Turn on what he said in 2009. Has he indeed, or has he not ?? How easy is it to answer this question ? Lets look at few things.

  First and foremost , it is 'comparatively' easier to judge foreign policy with respect to any Country where there is only one Central authority in the concerned Country- it's Central government. Because , in Countries with a single Central authority, the talks are only with that authority. While the content of the talks may not be immediately made public, the results [joint statements, treaties and pacts,etc.] are usually there for the public to see. For instance , the results of talks with countries like Japan or U.S. can be known from the stands they take with respect to India or the deals that they sign with India. Because here , the Central governments usually have the authority to take those stands and sign those treaties , with the legislative arms of those governments [Parliaments or similar bodies] ratifying the treaties.

  But the same is not the case with Pakistan. Here ,the civilian government lacks the authority to take decisions. The real authority lies with the army ! Hence ,if you want to get things done ,army is the authority to talk to. Usually , these talks, if they happen, will be unofficial and secret in Nature, and hence ,the public will never know about them, unless someone involved with the talks writes a book on them maybe a generation or generations later.

  Second , we need to take notice of one unusual phenomenon. That phenomenon is - NO CEASEFIRE VIOLATION HAS TAKEN PLACE SINCE NOVEMBER 2,2015. From that date , till July 7,2016 [the date of writing this post] , it is 8 months and 5 days.
How is this possible , if one sees how bloody the 2013-2015 period was ???
Is it just a coincidence , or is it an achievement of some secret talks with Pakistan army ??
 It is difficult to find answers to this questions , hence it is equally difficult to judge Pakistan policy of Modi government.

  Another question ,though may sound silly to mind is - Could Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif be exercising some authority on ,or rather some deal with army as army chief Gen. Raheel Sharif needs his consent for extension of tenure ?? If true, then does Nawaz Sharif have some role in the absence of ceasefire violations over the past 8 months ??

  Once again,these questions will be difficult to answer for now.

  Third , there has been a regime change in the civilian government - in 2009, when Modi gave the answer mentioned at the beginning of the blog , Asif Ali Zardari was the pakistan President and Yousaf Raza Gilani was the Prime Minister. Now these chairs are occupied by Mamnoon Hussain and Nawaz Sharif respectively.

  One cannot deny the fact that Nawaz Sharif hates the Pakistan Army. Afterall , it was Pakistan army led by Gen. Pervez Musharraf who outsted Nawaz Sharif from power in 1999. Thus , Nawaz Sharif has his interests in weakening the grip of Pakistan army.
  Could this be the reason behind Modi's outreach and building of personal rapport with Nawaz Sharif ?
  Could Modi be trying to strengthen Nawaz Sharif by supporting him ??
Again difficult answers to find out.

  Even though these questions maybe funny, but the ceasefire maintenance for 8 months is impossible to overlook.

  Fourth , it is true that stoppage of ceasefire violation doesnt mean stoppage of cross border terrorism. But earlier , ceasefire was violated to give cover to the infiltrating militants. Now ,atleast one menace of the two has stopped/has been stopped - atleast for now.

  A question which the reader may ask is , would I have raised the same questions if it was Manmohan Singh instead of Narendra Modi ?

  Well , since most of terrorism in India has its source in Pakistan , Indian govt's policies on Pakistan and terrorism can seldom be separated.
  The Narendra Modi government has been giving free hand to our various security agencies to destroy the networks of terrorist groups in India. Also it has not done anything that would harm the cause of security agencies of India. The opposite seems to be true in case of Manmohan Singh government.

  This I am saying over years of reading on how and why terrorist attacks succeed in India. I have read a very nicely written book on the 26/11 terrorist strikes. With my readings , I can conclude that Manmohan Singh did not do everything it required to deal with terrorism.

  Consider this : 1 of the first things which Manmohan government did in 2004 was to remove the Prevention Of Terrorism Act [POTA] ,under the pretext of it being "anti-minority" , which it was not.
Also , in 2010 , Manmohan government released 25 Pakistani terrorists for FREE as a "GOODWILL GESTURE". These terrorists included the mastermind of the recent Pathankot attack. The Ishrat Jahan affidavit fiasco is well known now.

  Also , its a fact that the Indian army and BSF had orders of 'restricted' retaliation in case of ceasefire violations by Pakistan under Manmohan government , which have now been changed to 'massive' retaliation under Modi government. The jawans are now free to retaliate as and when they consider necessary.

  Thus , when Manmohan government was DELIBERATELY taking all the wrong domestic steps to deal with terrorism , it is UNLIKELY that it will try to do something  in Pakistan which is beneficial to us.

  Hence , the questions I asked above do not even arise in case of Manmohan Singh government talking to Pakistan .

  Now coming back to the topic , like I said earlier , a lot of questions remain unanswered , and will remain unanswered or a long period of time. What will be the result of all this activity , one does not know. But the ceasefire along the border and LOC points out that there is much more going on than what appears to the naked eye.

  This only means that PM Narendra Modi's Pakistan Policy is difficult to judge as lots of things are unclear. It will take time for things to get clear, providing us the opportunity to judge the policy.

Friday, 25 March 2016

The inverse proportionality of "media and liberal outrage" with victims's religion !

   Late night on Wednesday ,most fans of Indian Cricket were celebrating India's victory over Bangladesh. But In Vikaspuri area of West Delhi , a heinous crime took place.

   A 40 year old dentist - Dr. Pankaj Narang, was playing cricket with his 8 year old son after the match was over. The ball hit 2 men who were passing by on a bike. The doctor apologised for it. But the biker duo went back and came back with a group of 15 people- armed with
BATS, IRON RODS and HOCKEY STICKS. Then those people attacked the doctor with these weapons - and also assaulted everyone who came to the dentist's rescue , critically injuring his brother in law. Dr. Pankaj DIED !!!

  A dentist had to pay with his life for hitting a passing biker with a ball. What is more infuriating as well as agonising is how most of our mainstream media is twisting the entire story. Most of our "mainstream" media is projecting the case as that of a 'Road Rage'.

  There was no accident here. Just 2 bikers hit by a ball. There was no damage to the bike. Also ,Dr. Pankaj Narang readily apologised. So where does the case of 'Road Rage' arise here ? Road rage takes place when in an accident , there is damage to a vehicle and the person who caused the accident refuses to acknowledge his fault and/or pay for the damage. Here there was no damage and Dr. Pankaj readily apologised. Then why is the media twisting this as a case of road rage ?

  This is a case of mob violence. Now , when we think of mob violence ,we automatically think of
Dadri case - where a muslim named Akhlaaq was killed because he "supposedly had beef in his fridge". In this case as well , media twisted facts. Media did not tell us that the FIR of that case did not even mention beef in it. The mob lynched Akhlaaq because of cattle smuggling and not due to beef. Also , UP is ruled by SP - which is an enemy of BJP. So the question of UP police twisting facts to remove beef from the FIR doesnt arise as SP wouldnt spare an opportunity to target BJP.

  Anyways ,there was huge outrage in media as well as Adarsh Liberal brigade over this case. Most mainstream reports mentioned the religion of the victim as well as the perpetrators of the Dadri crime. They openly said that
"Hindu mob lynched a Muslim man" . And tried to blame Modi for it, despite the fact that Law n Order is always under State government.

  Now compare the responses of media and adarsh liberals in these 2 cases. In the West Delhi case ,the victim is a Hindu , while most of the 15 people in the mob are muslims. But not a single media journalist would say it openly that
"A Muslim mob lynches a Hindu dentist in Delhi." Afterall , bringing a mob of 15 people on being hit by a ball is definitely not something which a Hindu would do. Anyways 1 can say that the media should not bring religion into this - but then doesnt the same logic apply to Dadri case as well ?? Why was religion mentioned there ?

  Also , some of the famous journalists as well as liberals have not expressed any agony or outrage over this case on twitter. Unlike Dadri when many of them
were breaking bangles. The question then arises is - whom is the media trying to protect with its differential reporting and what is it trying to project ?

  Now lets talk about some politicians as well ! When Dadri happened ,there was a line outside the victim's house , of politicians trying to milk some votes out of the muslim vote bank. But , its been 2 days , and not a single 1 of those who visited Akhlaaq has visited Dr Pankaj's family. Delhi CM
Arvind Kejriwal had time to meet Akhlaaq's family in Dadri , but does not have any time to visit the house of Dr. Pankaj - despite the fact that Dadri was in UP while Vikaspuri is in Delhi where he is CM.  None of the others which visited Dadri have bothered to visit Dr Pankaj's house as only muslims constitute a votebank in India while the Hindu vote bank is too divided to consider as a single entity.

  Thankfully , the Delhi Police is under
BJP Central government and not under the likes of Kejriwal - and hence , few arrests have taken place and manhunt is on for the rest. Or else, the principles of India's pseudo-secularism would have made Kejriwal stop Delhi Police to take any action as most of the accused belong to the muslim community.

  This drives us to the conclusion that the outrage of media and adarsh liberals over a crime is inversely proportional to the victim's religion - where the outrage is maximum in case of Muslim and Christian victims and decreases with increase in Hinduism.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Dear Media Pundits and Adarsh Liberals – PM Modi not duty bound to emulate your hypocritical ‘Dadri dance’!

Dear Media Pundits and Adarsh Liberals – PM Modi not duty bound to emulate your hypocritical ‘Dadri dance’!
A lot has been said in the media about the “Dadri” incident. For nearly 3-4 weeks now, it seems that our mainstream media has been giving “very high” coverage to this incident – as if nothing else and nothing good is happening in this country. Why I used the words “very high” will be evident if u read my previous article :
On observing the various news “debates”, “opinions” and “editorials” in mainstream media, it seems that it wants us to believe that i) ‘Dadri’ is the only “communal” incident that has taken place in India in the past 17 months; ii) ‘Dadri’ is the only threat to the ‘Idea Of India’; iii) A misdeed by a few people will wash away all the good work and good will done by the Central Government under Prime Minister Modi and iv)We should feel ashamed to be an Indian now.
On reading my previous article [link already posted], it would be clear that Dadri is not the only communal incident in the country, there have been many more – and there is clear evidence of mainstream media discriminating and also twisting stories while giving coverage to such incidents.
An incident in which the victims are Hindus [majority community] [most of the cases], never get covered by the media. Prima Facie from the coverage of Dadri incident appears that mainstream media does care about lives of “minorities” only. But then its attitude and coverage of the Bhagalpur riots report breaks this illusion. In Bhagalpur riots of 1989, nearly 1000 people died, of which 900 were “minorities”. After years of investigation, a report was finally tabled in Bihar Legislative Assembly this year, which clearly blames Congress party and police responsible for the riots. Bihar was under congress rule in 1989. But how much coverage was given to this report? It barely made it to the headlines. There were absolutely no high decibel debates on it and no questions were asked to any Congress leaders !
Thus, from media coverage, one is forced to conclude that i)the lives and conditions of Hindus victimised in communal violence have no value for them; ii) the lives of minorities in Congress ruled states also have no value for them; and iii) only the lives of minorities in non-congress ruled states have value for them.

  1. Prime Ministers – different attitudes:
 With such a hypocritical and biased attitude, we see some so called “intellectuals” and “political pundits” demand a statement from the PM over it. Ok, firstly let us talk some Indian Constitution. The Constitution clearly demarcates the responsibilities of the Central and the State governments. Law and order is the responsibility of the State and not the Central Government [except in UTs].In the case of UP, it is thus the responsibility of Akhilesh Yadav government and not the Modi government.
After the Akhilesh Yadav government took power in 2012, law and order in UP has deteriorated. There have been several communal incidents due to the appeasement policy followed by the UP government.But did any media person ever grill Akhilesh or his father?? No! Rather than questioning the person who is constitutionally responsible for law and order, they want the Prime Minister to speak.
Ok, for a few moments,let us assume that the PM owes a “moral” if not constitutional responsibility to speak up. Now let us take up another case – In 2012, there was communal violence in Assam, in which nearly 3% of the state's population was displaced. There was a Congress state government and a congress Central governmentMost Indians today, would not know that Manmohan Singh was a Rajya Sabha MP from Assam – because hardly any media covered this fact. Now if according to mainstream media,if Modi is supposed to speak up on the Dadri incident from UP, despite the state not having a government of his party, then according to their own unconstitutional logic, wasn’t Manmohan also supposed to speak up on Assam violence, as the state was ruled by his own party? But mainstreammedia never bothered to demand answers from Manmohan Singh on it, or from CM Tarun Gogoi. Thus, the “moral” duties of the Prime Minister according to them seem to be highly relative, i.e. they depend upon the party to which the Prime Minister belongs.
Then there is a class of “intellectuals” and “adarsh liberals”who say that there is no difference between Modi and Manmohan as Modi is also silent like Manmohan. Well, dear ‘unconstitutional’ intellectuals, Manmohan was silent, both in words and actions on all the wrongdoings taking place for which the Central government bears responsibility [2g Spectrum and Coal Block auctions,defence scams,etc]. He took no strict action to prevent scams. While Modi is not silent on anything for which the Central Government bears responsibility. It seems in your dislike for Modi, you have forgotten the constitution as well. Or probably, you never read it!
Thus, the hypocrisies of mainstream media and adarsh liberals, make their ranting over Dadri look like a choreographed puppet dance. The PM and the Central government under him is doing everything to give us a bright economic future, with fruitful results as investments are coming in and schemes are showing success. And at this time, the adarsh liberals and mainstream media seem to be hell bent on denting the efforts. Some of them opine “India will not become a superpower, if such incidents happen”. Well dear liberals, stupidity and disrespect of law by a few people will not dent the economic future of a Country. Hate crimes happen in many developed countries, including the superpower US – but they did not prevent it from becoming a superpower. But your puppet dance surely make us feel that you want to damage India’s prospects.
So dear adarsh liberals and mainstream media – kindly stop your puppet Dadri dance now. And if you can’t, then just remember – the PM is not duty bound to emulate it.