Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dear Media – don’t discriminate on religious basis !!

  When a 15 year old Hindu girl was kidnapped for >75 days , gangraped and converted to "minority religion" in West Bengal by people of "special religion" , no1 bothered about it in mainstream media.
   When Hindus are attacked almost every year in rural West Bengal for celebrating Durga Pooja, again by people of special religion , no1 bothers in mainstream media.
When a train of Hindu pilgrims is stopped by people of special religion in Shamli,UP and stones are pelted on injuring several pilgrims , once again no one bothers in the media.
100s of such atrocities by special people on Hindus, in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal especially, go unnoticed by paid media !!
   But when a person from minority religion is targeted by a mob in Dadri,UP, entire media goes mad over it !
   Now its not that I support what that mob did , no1 should support it. But the attitude of media regarding such incidents is sickening .
   It seems that it is the religion of the victim that decides how much coverage will media give to the incident and how much outrage will "Adarsh liberals" do over it.
   It clearly seems from the attitude of mainstream media , that lives and problems of Hindus have no value for them . If paid media indeed bothers about secularism , then how can the value of life of a Hindu and a “minority” religion person be different ? When the media can atleast "show" some respect for the life of a “minority” religion person , why can’t it show the same value for the lives of Hindus ??
   If the pain of the family of Dadri's victim can be showed in the media ,then why the near total TV blackout [only 1 news channel covered it] of the family of the 15 year old girl - who was kidnapped and held captive for >75 days , during which she was gangraped and converted !
   Also , even a 10th std child would know that law and order is entirely a state subject . But how come no 1 in media ever questions UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and his father mulayam over the total deterioration of the law and order in the state ???
   Also ,how the hell do retards even blame this incident on Modi , when law n order is clearly a state subject. Neither the PM , nor the CM of that state is -personally responsible for the individual behaviour of people. But the CM bears responsibility for the law and order situation of that state , and if not 1 or 2 , but hundreds of communal riots are taking place , then the CM is surely answerable !!

   From 2012 to May 2014 also , dozens of communal riots took place in UP , was Modi PM then ?? why was media silent then ?? Didnt lives of minorities matter before Modi was PM ?? Yes I am saying minority because expecting mainstream media to value the lives of majority is futile !
    Just like the communal incidents , its the biased and shameless attitude of the media that is proving to be destructive for the country. Discrimination on the basis of religion by mainstream media will only lead to dissatisfaction and anger in the minds of people , especially Hindus !!

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