Friday, 25 March 2016

The inverse proportionality of "media and liberal outrage" with victims's religion !

   Late night on Wednesday ,most fans of Indian Cricket were celebrating India's victory over Bangladesh. But In Vikaspuri area of West Delhi , a heinous crime took place.

   A 40 year old dentist - Dr. Pankaj Narang, was playing cricket with his 8 year old son after the match was over. The ball hit 2 men who were passing by on a bike. The doctor apologised for it. But the biker duo went back and came back with a group of 15 people- armed with
BATS, IRON RODS and HOCKEY STICKS. Then those people attacked the doctor with these weapons - and also assaulted everyone who came to the dentist's rescue , critically injuring his brother in law. Dr. Pankaj DIED !!!

  A dentist had to pay with his life for hitting a passing biker with a ball. What is more infuriating as well as agonising is how most of our mainstream media is twisting the entire story. Most of our "mainstream" media is projecting the case as that of a 'Road Rage'.

  There was no accident here. Just 2 bikers hit by a ball. There was no damage to the bike. Also ,Dr. Pankaj Narang readily apologised. So where does the case of 'Road Rage' arise here ? Road rage takes place when in an accident , there is damage to a vehicle and the person who caused the accident refuses to acknowledge his fault and/or pay for the damage. Here there was no damage and Dr. Pankaj readily apologised. Then why is the media twisting this as a case of road rage ?

  This is a case of mob violence. Now , when we think of mob violence ,we automatically think of
Dadri case - where a muslim named Akhlaaq was killed because he "supposedly had beef in his fridge". In this case as well , media twisted facts. Media did not tell us that the FIR of that case did not even mention beef in it. The mob lynched Akhlaaq because of cattle smuggling and not due to beef. Also , UP is ruled by SP - which is an enemy of BJP. So the question of UP police twisting facts to remove beef from the FIR doesnt arise as SP wouldnt spare an opportunity to target BJP.

  Anyways ,there was huge outrage in media as well as Adarsh Liberal brigade over this case. Most mainstream reports mentioned the religion of the victim as well as the perpetrators of the Dadri crime. They openly said that
"Hindu mob lynched a Muslim man" . And tried to blame Modi for it, despite the fact that Law n Order is always under State government.

  Now compare the responses of media and adarsh liberals in these 2 cases. In the West Delhi case ,the victim is a Hindu , while most of the 15 people in the mob are muslims. But not a single media journalist would say it openly that
"A Muslim mob lynches a Hindu dentist in Delhi." Afterall , bringing a mob of 15 people on being hit by a ball is definitely not something which a Hindu would do. Anyways 1 can say that the media should not bring religion into this - but then doesnt the same logic apply to Dadri case as well ?? Why was religion mentioned there ?

  Also , some of the famous journalists as well as liberals have not expressed any agony or outrage over this case on twitter. Unlike Dadri when many of them
were breaking bangles. The question then arises is - whom is the media trying to protect with its differential reporting and what is it trying to project ?

  Now lets talk about some politicians as well ! When Dadri happened ,there was a line outside the victim's house , of politicians trying to milk some votes out of the muslim vote bank. But , its been 2 days , and not a single 1 of those who visited Akhlaaq has visited Dr Pankaj's family. Delhi CM
Arvind Kejriwal had time to meet Akhlaaq's family in Dadri , but does not have any time to visit the house of Dr. Pankaj - despite the fact that Dadri was in UP while Vikaspuri is in Delhi where he is CM.  None of the others which visited Dadri have bothered to visit Dr Pankaj's house as only muslims constitute a votebank in India while the Hindu vote bank is too divided to consider as a single entity.

  Thankfully , the Delhi Police is under
BJP Central government and not under the likes of Kejriwal - and hence , few arrests have taken place and manhunt is on for the rest. Or else, the principles of India's pseudo-secularism would have made Kejriwal stop Delhi Police to take any action as most of the accused belong to the muslim community.

  This drives us to the conclusion that the outrage of media and adarsh liberals over a crime is inversely proportional to the victim's religion - where the outrage is maximum in case of Muslim and Christian victims and decreases with increase in Hinduism.

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