Friday, 13 April 2018

The Dangerous religious profiling of Rape Victims by presstitutes , fraud intellectuals and Bollymorons !

A rape is disgusting , but selective outrage on basis of religion of rape victim is also disgusting.

Recently , media is doing 24/7 outrage on 2 rape cases - Kathua rape case in J&K and Unnao Rape case in UP.

In Kathua rape case , an 8 year old girl Asifa was raped inside a temple by someone who allegedly calls himself a Hindu (quite possible he may not be ,so let enquiries ascsertain this).

But the narrative that the fraud presstitute media , and fraud jhollachaap intellectuals , including Bollytards are creating is that a Muslim girl was raped inside a Temple and hence entire India , especially Hindus should be ashamed of themselves.

Now tell me what nonsense is this.
Here religion of victim is being raised as well as that of rapist.
A cartoon is also being shared where Sita tells Shri Ram “I am happy that Ravan kidnapped me and not your bhakts.”

Those retards sharing this don’t know that Ravan was a rapist- he had raped his nephew Nalkuber’s wife before - and he couldn’t touch Sita only because NalKuber had cursed him that his head would burst if he tries to rape any other woman.”

Now all Hindus/Ram Bhakts are being shamed
because a (Muslim) girl was raped in a Temple. What about dozens of Ram Bhakts/Hindus protecting women and girls ??
At that time no presstitute aur Fraud jhollachaap intellectual or Bollytard would credit Hinduism or Shri Ram for it ? Because the bastards are hypocrites of the first order.

It is this hypocrisy is making me doubt that the person who raped may also turn out to be a fake Hindu working on ISI orders.

Now in another rape case in Sasaram, Bihar , a minor Hindu girl was raped by a Muslim.
Before that , this year , there have been cases of illegally imported Muslims raping local Hindu girls in Assam.

But I did not find any Bollywood asshole or fraud jhollachaap intellectual saying ALLAH BHAKTS RAPED A HINDU GIRL.
This , despite the cases of this happening usually far exceed the Asifa type cases.

In the Unnao Case , the person accused is a BJP MLA and this is what is driving the outrage. Hence considering the seriousness of the matter , CM Yogi Adityanath had initially formed an SIT for the case but then handed it over to the Country’s top investigative agency CBI.

But see the reactions of presstitutes in this case. Even before the top agencies complete their enquiries , they are 24/7 shaming that MLA just because he was accused of rape.

If agencies find that that he and raped , he should get the strictest punishment according to law.

But tellme what good does this media trial does. Just because someone is accused of rape is a politician, and belongs to the party that media hates, does this mean media shoud run the trial themselves ???

If by any chance , it turns out that the entire case was fake , the media would only make a headline out of it and escape.

That BJP MLA has been detained by CBI. CM Yogi even refused to meet him and will only meet if he is proven not guilty.

But u wont see any presstitute or jholaachaap crediting CM Yogi for daring to go for a top level enquiry against his own MLA ??? No !

Also , the calls for removal of UP DGP over this case only add to my suspicion of ulterior motives - because under the current DGP , UP police is doing sn excellent job of restoring law and order !

Moron Rahul Gandhi held a midnight March yesterday ONLY n ONLY for Asifa !!!
He dis not find the Hindu victim of Sasaram , Bihar or Assam worthy of getting justice.

And then Congress wants people to believe that if is not an anti-Hindu party !!!!!

Always demand the toughest legal punishment for rapist if found guilty, but DO NOT FALL FOR THE NONSENSE THAT PRESSTITUTES , BOLLYMORONS AND FAKE JHOLLACHAAPS ARE PERPETRATING. They want you to (Wrongly) believe that India is a Country of Rapists, a rape capital, and that the Devi worshipping Hindus are the chief reasons for this. All these reasons are false.

I am suspecting a hand of Breaking India forces in these sudden focus and outrage over rape cases. The timing only makes my suspicion more confirmatory !

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