Sunday, 26 November 2017

Untold horrors of 26/11 - How India was betrayed by the very people elected to protect it.

   Today-26/11/2017 is the 9th Anniversary of 1 of the most unforgettable days of our generation - 26/11 #MumbaiAttacks on India. 

   This day brings us memories which we Indians will never forget for our lifetime ! In terms of humiliation that Indians felt , this event is comparable perhaps only to Bhopal Gas Tragedy or India's loss in 1962 war to China.

   We salute our 18 martyrs [16 policemen and 2 NSG commandos] and each n every policeman ,fireman , NSG commando and staff of Hotels as also the announcer at CST station and each and every person who fought terrorists. Our Blood was shed by terrorists from Pakistan , but they alone are not to be blamed for this tragedy.

   By all accounts,26/11 was an avoidable tragedy. Having read a book on this attack , I know that Enough intelligence was available indicating terrorists are probably gonna attack Mumbai through the sea route. 

   But the passing the ball attitude of various agencies like Navy ,Coast Guard , IB , RAW combined with useless and irresponsible home ministers at both center and state ensured that terrorists cross multi layer security and killed people in Mumbai. The kind of pathetic and useless Home Ministers Congress and its allies have given us at the Center as well as Maharashtra state , had ensured that there was little or absolutely no co-ordination between different agencies like RAW ,IB , Indian Navy and Coast Guard.

   The home minister of India made the NSG plane wait for 45 minutes in Delhi just so that he cud carry his 'disaster tourism' -thereby wasting critical minutes. The home minister of Maharashtra gave a statement saying "bade bade shehron mei aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai". This statement was like sprinkling salt on the wounds.

   Contrast this with former Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani 's attitude. He used to take daily reports from intelligence , state police chiefs and each and every agency responsible for India's security. And used to ensure proper measures are taken on intelligence reports which ensured that India suffered far less terrorists attacks during his time , if not 0 !!

   This terrorist attack was a tight slap on the face of India - on the face of every Indian.

   What is more astonishing is the fact that terrorists had worn saffron band on their hands. This, along with the lax attitude of the government makes it very clear that 26/11 #MumbaiAttacks were not just a mere terror attack but a grand conspiracy to defame and ban Hindu Nationalist organizations like RSS and VHP.

   Had Shaheed Tukaram Omble not caught Kasab alive , losing his own life in the process, then the entire blame of 26/11 would have conviniently fallen on the non existent Hindu terrorists. It was because of his bravery of capturing Kasab alive that Kasab testified against Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), else both would have been given a clean chit by congress led UPA govt.

   To add to this , some traitor journalists were showing live footage of the attacks on television ,thereby exposing the positions of commandos , police and fire brigade on television , which was seen by handlers of terrorists in Pakistan and POK n reported to Mumbai terrorists. A useless Maharashtra government did not have a common-sense of not allowing journalists close to the scene of the attacks - n those journalists for the sake of TRPs ,sold and Nation.

   What was more painful is that Mumbaikars elected the same traitors in both the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections of 2009.

   Mumbai had suffered blasts on 7 local trains on 11th july 2006. After that had proper measures been taken n had proper laws been brought , then 26/11 would have never happened !! Even after 26/11 had proper measures been taken by cong govt n Maharashtra state government , then no further terrorist attacks shud have taken place in India !! But as fate has it , Maharashtra itself has suffered 3 terrorist attacks , 2 in Pune [2010,2012] and 1 in Mumbai [triple blasts of 2011]. India had reached such a stage under congress government where even towns invisible on India's map like Malegaon [MH] and Bodhgaya [Bihar] have witnessed terrorist attacks.

   That's because Congressi India n Congressi Maharashtra never wanted to fight terrorism the way it shud be fought. But with the hope that a Congress Mukt Bharat n a Congress Mukt Maharashtra will fight terrorism the way it should be , we once again pay tributes to the 18 martyrs who lost their lives in those 60 hours. Some lost their lives in real acts of bravery ,while some were fed as fodder to terrorists by a corrupt regime in Maharashtra that did not even ensure genuine bullet proof jackets n proper weapons for a police force of a city like Mumbai. But all died on d call of duty.

   Along with the martyrs , we also salute each and every policemen n Marcos n NSG commandos who fought the terrorists. We salute the brave hotel staff who went beyond the call of duties. And also THE FIRE BRIGADE OFFICIALS WHO WITHOUT ANY PROTECTION STOOD AS A SHIELD BETWEEN THE HOTELS N THE GUESTS so that the reluctant and frightened guests would come to the ladder ! In remembering the martyrs ,we must not forget them who threw their lives at Yamraj's doorstep in d call of duty yet survived.

   शहीदों की चिताओं पर हम लगायेंगे मेला । देश पर मिटने सालों के हम बनेंगे निशान । जय हिंद की सेना !!



  2. Not the case now ! Now coordination’s have become proper under HM Rajnath Singh !