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Why India needs MODIfication aka Narendra Modi as PM !!

    India has seen 15 Lok Sabhas ,or ,in other words , has witnessed 15 General elections post independence ! It is an achievement for a country where the future of democracy has always been questioned from time to time by intellectuals and scholars all over the world right from the time our founding fathers enforced the constitution !!
   For the first 3 decades post-independence ,India was practically a one party democracy . There were some opposition parties ,namely The Bharatiya Jana Sangha ,Swatantra Party ,Socialist Party ,the communists ,but none had the power to challenge the dominance of the Congress at the center . Most of these parties gained 20-40 seats in the Parliament ,while Congress always got a comfortable majority .
   But this scenario changed drastically in 1977,when post-emergency ,the opposition parties united under one banner -Janata party , thanks to the efforts of Jayaprakash Narayan and other leaders of that time .
Janata won a majority ,but not on any ideological basis ,but only due to the unpopularity and excesses of the emergency rule !! The Emergency had totally belittled and undermined the status of all governmental and non-governmental organizations . The President , State Governors , Media , Police and whatever possible was made puppets to the then Prime Minister -Indira Gandhi ! Dictatorship without accountability had been imposed on a Nation which had embraced Elections .
   Before 1977,General Elections were mostly limited to local issues , as it was impossible to defeat the congress . But in 1977 ,everything changed . People understood the true power of democracy when they punished the Congress for Emergency Rule !

   India ,in 2013, after 9 years of UPA rule ,faces a situation similar to the one during emergency from 1975-1977. At that time ,PM Indira imposed Emergency on the Nation as otherwise she would have been forced to vacate her seat as she was convicted for electoral malpractises by Allahabad High Court , while today her daughter-in-law Sonia has imposed a robotic PM Manmohan Singh on the Nation as she herself cannot sit on the chair due to citizenship issues !! At that time ,media had been subdued by the use of force,while today many ,if not all National media channels and newspapers have been purchased with money power .The journalists werent able to criticize the government then , while today their spinelessness prevents them from doing so ! There was massive corruption during emergency , there is massive corruption now as well . The then president Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed were obedient to Indira Gandhi , while today's president Pranab Mukherjee and Pm Manmohan Singh are obedient to Sonia Gandhi !! The only major differences are the presence of an unstoppable social media and the rise in economic fortunes of millions of Indians between emergency and now !! Another difference is that while Emergency was the sole issue in 1977,price-rise,corruption n pseudo-secularism and terrorism r the core issues now !!

   Thus ,in terms of cruciality, the General Elections of 2014 will be next ,only to those of 1977 ,1996 and 1998 ! In 2014 , as in 1977 , on one side lays dictatorship by a corrupt party leading to destruction , while on the other side lays democracy by a nationalist party with a promising future !! Anyone debating BJP's Nationalism can compare 6 years of Atal Bihari Vajpayee rule with 6 years of any congress government . Vajpayee rule will always emerge better !
   The BJP today ,as did the Janata leaders of 1977 , faces the crucial question as to who should be the Prime Minister and bring the country out of the mess it has been put in by Congress . Janata chose Morarji Desai , who had proved himself to be an outstanding administrator during his tenure as CM of the then Bombay State . And now , BJP seems to be settling down on Gujarat CM Narendra Modi , whose development works in Gujarat have been appreciated and acknowledged by UN as well as several countries of the World .

   Now,the question arises ,why would one rate Narendra Modi as the most qualified leader to lead the country facing a crucial point in its history ?? To this , we move to a direct comparison between decades of Congress rule in Center as well as Gujarat with Atal ji's 6 years at center and Modi's 12 years in Gujarat ,regarding their handling of various issues India has faced .

   1) Economic Issues,Development and Corruption :

   Congress ,under Nehru atleast ,handled the Indian Economy well. The policies of those days were keeping up with the time .A newly Independent country could seldom allow FDI,privatisation or even liberalisation ,as it would lead to exploitation of the country in the absence of a powerful and experienced government . The 5 year plans which were successfull in those times led to new dreams and new hopes . Lal Bahadur Shastri , in his short tenure ,ushered in the Green Revolution > The problems started when Lal Bahadur Shastri died an early death and Indira took over as PM. She was dictatorial in nature and could seldom tolerate any opposition .Thus in 1969,she split the Congress and formed her own Congress .which was known as Congress [R] and later as Congress [I] .In the old Congress , every appointment from the Provincial head to the PM candidate to the Congress president were decided on the basis of internal elections and thus the party was democratic .While ,in the new Congress ,only the loyalists of Indira and her son Sanjay got the posts of significance .Opposition to the Gandhi family meant outster from the party .Thus , with the weakness of the judiciary and excessive powers bestowed by the Emergency on her ,Indira got all the freedom to do corruption and make money as and well she liked and thus under her rule , corruption in India spread to grassroot levels .Its a legacy that has been continued by post Indira Congressi PMs Rajiv, PVNR and Manmohan , with each outsmarting the previous one.Magnitude and impact of scams kept on increasing with each year under Congress rule ! Congress [I] rulers always wanted more and more power in their hands so that they could do more and more corruption .2 facts are a proof of this -
1) Liberalisation ,Privatisation and Globalisation which could have been introduced in late 1960s or early 1970s was only introduced in 1991 when there was nothing else left to save the economy .
2) Even after 65 years of Independence, India is still not considered a business friendly Country , as starting a new business is always difficult here as one has to bribe lots of government officials and even ministers at times .

   In contrast, most BJP leaders , if not all ,are not power-hungry . Advani built the road for Vajpayee to become PM , while Modi did that in Gujarat for Keshubhai Patel to become CM .The BJP is , and will remain ,atleast for the foreseeable future,a cadre-based democratic party where there are internal elections . A Democratic Country should only be led by a Democratic Party. BJP has always framed economic policies keeping up with the time . Vajpayee as PM provided road connectivity to approximately 1,82,000 villages . While Modi as Gujarat CM provided 24 x 7 electricity to all the 18,000 villages of Gujarat . At the same time ,heavy industrialisation also took place with Gujarat becoming a hub for Automobile ,Cements ,petrochemicals and several other industries . Thus Vajpayee and Modi ,could strike a balance between Western style heavy Industrialization and Gandhian economics which focused on Rural Development .

   Talking about Agriculture ,India's agriculture growth rate has always been in the range of 1-4 percent in decades of Congress rule. Whereas Gujarat under Modi's reign has achieved double digit agricultural growth !! What could be the reasons for this ?? The most significant factor for Agricultural Development is Irrigation . Under Congress rule , corruption prevents growth of irrigation ,slowing its growth rate . For eg , in Maharashtra , after spending thousands of crores in Irrigation projects , the area under Irrigation didnt see any significant increase because of massive corruption.This is the scenario despite Maharashtra having Deccan's only perennial river-Godavari. In Assam , The Brahmaputra devastates the state every year with its flooding waters , which could be used for irrigating entire Northeast India with a proper canal system , but it never happened in decades of Congress rule .
   Contradictorily , Gujarat ,which has only one Major river , Narmada , of which only a small portion flows through the state , has managed to utilise its waters with the Sardar Sarovar Project building dams across the river . Canals have been drawn from the Narmada to several places in Gujarat , providing water for drinking , agriculture as well as industries . Also solar power plants atop the canals prevent water from evaporation ,at the same time generating power from renewable sources . Imagine , if such power plants are built on top of some more major rivers and canals , how much more power could be generated and power shortages reduced across the country !!
   In Gujarat ,every year , a month long agriculture festival is held across the state - called the Krishi Mahotsav ,when government officials and scientists directly meet farmers from villages and teach them about new agricultural techniques ,thus modernizing agriculture . If emulated at an all India level , this would work wonders for the country . The trust deficit between farmers and government would reduce in this way !!

   Gujarat ,under Modi ,doesnt neglect its environment. It is the number one state in the country in terms of generation of power from renewable sources . There is a huge solar power park in Patan district , and several solar power plants atop the Narmada canal .Even Wind Power and Tidal power have been harnessed . the Van-Mahotsav , again a festival , deals with all forest related and tribals related issues of the state . On the contrary , Congress seldom cares for the environment . The Bhopal Gas Tragedy was a result of corruption and ignorance of previous warnings by Congress government. Forest Lands all over the country are being encroached by land and mining mafia . Wildlife poaching is a reality . Congress failed to protect even the National animal - Tiger,while ,in Gujarat ,the Asiatic Lion finds a safe home in Gir forests and its population has increased .
   In 21st century , could India afford to ignore environmental concerns for sake of unsustainable development ?? the answer is a big NO !!

   Congress never bothered to develop India as a tourist destination ,despite India having a huge potential. It was only after Vajpayee government started the ' Incredible India ' campaign did tourism receive a boost . Gujarat tourism under Modi has registered 30 % more tourist arrivals this year . Gujaratis were the best tourists but Gujarat was never a tourist destination despite having many attractions . But under Modi , it became one !!
   Under Congress regime , inflation has been double digit whereas Vajpayee brought it between 2-3 % during his rule !! With credits to Finance Ministers Yashwant Sinha and Jaswant Singh as well 
   Thus , Modi became the king of development and can do the same for India .

   2) National Security,Communal Tensions and Terrorism :

   Being a multi-religious Country,India has always been a hotbed of Communal Politics - propagated by Congress and so called ' secular ' parties . It all started when Nehru government adopted a non uniform civil code - different laws for Hindus and Muslims , and started Haj subsidy . Indira continued this pseudo-secularism or minority appeasement politics by allowing Bangladeshi refugees to settle in India even after the 1971 war . Rajiv Gandhi has the Shah-Bano case and Sikh Massacre to his credits while PV Narasimha Rao failed to quell Kashmir terrorism in its formative years when it easily could have been tackled .
There are several more examples of pseudo-secularism one can give !! to write in detail about the subject , perhaps a book would be required.
   In UPA regime , pseudo-secularism has crossed all its limits .The tough anti-terrorism law POTA brought by BJP to counter terrorism was withdrawn by UPA government in 2004 under the false pretext of it being anti-minority. Arrested terrorists like Kasab and Afzal are given 5 star treatment , while Hindus falsely accused of terrorism rot in medieval jails even without a proper chargesheet. Afzal Guru's who was supposed to be hanged in October 2006 was kept alive till 2013 just to appease muslims !!
   In contrast ,BJP government with Advani as Home Minister never politicised terrorism . Laws like POTA were brought to supplement the tireless efforts of policemen and security agencies .Under POTA , it became far more easier to punish a terrorist ! Under Advani's reign as HM , more than 300 LeT terrorist cells were busted throughout the country while they are flourishing all over India under UPA rule . During BJP rule at center ,only Mumbai , Delhi ,Kashmir and Northeast were targeted but now as evident from Bodhgaya blasts no town in India seems safe from terrorism !!
   In today;s time , only Modi can continue this legacy of Advani !! He has already proved this by tacking strict action against perpetrators of Ahmedabad blasts of 2008 .

   Now coming to communal violence , vast majority of the major communal riots in India have taken place under Congress regime . Eg : Bhagalpur riots of 1989 ,Mumbai riots of 1992-1993 ,Sikh massacre of 1984 , Meerut riots of 1981 , Ahmedabad riots of 1969 and many , many more !! The reason for this is , due to vote-bank politics ,Congress never took strict action against the perpetrators of those riots . 
   Gujarat had a long history of communal violence before Modi . The state had witnessed large scale rioting in 1969,1981,1985,1992 etc . Not to talk about several more  small riots . Any stupid reason could spark a riot there . many more Hindus and Muslims were killed in these riots than those on 2002 . When the Godhra train burning took place in 2002 , it was perhaps , the biggest trigger a communal riot can ever have . For burning 59 Hindus in a train was not going to go unpunished . But on the first day itself , Modi cancelled the leaves of all policemen and ordered them to stop the riots , even the army was called without delay - this , being in sharp contrast to Delhi 1984 when , under congress rule , not even a single policeman or soldier was visible on the streets giving a free run to the rioters . Modi in his office was busy receiving phone calls from desperate people of all communities seeking life-saving help from barbarous mobs , and he attended to these calls with swift action . Consider a single example ,400 people were trapped in a Bhavnagar madarassa , obviously muslims . they were surrounded by a huge mob . 1 of the persons inside knew Advani personally , called him , who in turn called Modi , and both Advani and Modi ensured their safety .
   One may then wonder , what caused the death toll to cross 1,000 in 2002 ??
1) No action had been taken by previous congress governments against the perpetrators of previous riots ,thus giving impression that one can riot without fear of law .
2) Godhra train burning being the biggest trigger a riot can possibly get .
3) Involvement of Congressmen in Godhra train burning as well as post Godhra riots .
4) 24 x 7 coverage by a shameless and unethical media , who never bothered about the consequences of their telecast.
   Modi's leadership assured , that no big incident takes place after first three days . After 2002 riots , Gujarat became a riot free state , all thanks to Modi . By stopping riots completely , didnt Modi save the lives of Hundreds of Muslims as well as Hindus who would have been otherewise butchered in riots ??

3) Disaster Management :

   Disaster Mangement of Congress governments has been worst , as is evident by the recent Uttarakhand tragedy .ISRO as well as Meteorological department had given warnings on June 14,15 and 16. They advised to stop the Char Dham Yatra and take people to safer places as threats of heavy rains and floods loomed. Everyone from the State Home Ministry to the District Magistrate was warned . But as fate would have it,Congressi Home Ministry never took the warning seriously . The result is known to all . Even after the tragedy struck , entire disaster management was done by Army , Airforce , Volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and NGOs like Baba Ramdev's Bharat Swabhimaan trust !! Government rescue teams were nowhere in sight . To the few places where they went , they didnt have food and water with them !! Now consider this - Rahul Gandhi was on a foreign Vacation when disaster struck . By some accounts ,he had gone there for a haircut , hard to believe , but no surprise when one remembers that Nehru's clothes were sent to foreign for laundry . For almost a week , Rahul Gandhi didnt return . When he did ,another disaster struck. He visited Uttarakhand on June 24, after doing some time-pass he decided to spend night there.The IAF chopper that crashed the next day of Rahul Gandhi's visit , June 25 ,killing 20 people was piloted by late Wing Commander Darryl Castelino !! He had worked in rescue operations the whole day on June 24 , returning tired to the ITBP guesthouse to rest . When Rahul decided to spend the night there , Darryl Castelino was made to vacate the guesthouse to make way for Rahul . A Wing Commander was denied rest after a whole day of tiresome duty . Thus next day , without rest , he reported to duty , as military men are taught to !! Even driving a Train can be dangerous without rest , he had to pilot a chopper , that too in treacherous weather . The result is the chopper crashed !! Now isnt Rahul Gandhi responsible for those 20 deaths ?? Does a person who lacks sensitivity even during such crisis deserve a place in Indian politics ?? wud an India lover ever do such things ?? No.  Even Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh ,visited Uttarakhand on a Plane , and the entire Air Traffic of areas where they visited were shut down to make way for their disaster tourism , adversely influencing relief operations !! How many people might have died due to delay , only God can tell ! The relief trucks which were prepared by the Congressis in Delhi were made to wait three days for Rahul Gandhi's return and then flagged off , only to end up in Haridwar and Rishikesh as they werent paid properly for diesel . On the contrary , none of the BJP leaders had any constitutional responsibility to take part in Uttarakhand disaster relief . yet , having some levels of patriotism , everyone did !! Narendra Modi and Shivraj Singh Chauhan sent their rescue teams from their states to Uttarakhand. set up camps , and were rescuing whoever they could . But mainstream media , which is paid by Congress , tried to malign Modi like they always do . First they , and not Modi - falsely claimed that Modi had resuced 15,000 people and then themselves exposed it . 
   Modi's management of Gujarat earthquake was outstanding. Houses and infrastructure were restored speedily . The state recovered from Earthquake in just 3 years . Handlinng of Gujarat Earthquake by Modi is proof that one cant bring back the dead but one can improve the lives of those alive.

   Just ask yourself one question now , if u were trapped in a natural disaster , and had only one call to make , whom would u call ?? People like Narendra Modi and Shivraj Singh Chauhan or any Congress man ???

   Now,apart from the several natural disasters the Congress failed to tackle ,lets talk about a man-made one ,The Bhopal Gas Tragedy - where thousands of people perished and thousands more die a daily death with several diseases due to prolonged exposure to Methyl Iso-Cyanate gas !! The question is , was the tragedy preventable ?? By all accounts I wud say ,yes ! When Union Carbide opened its plant in Bhopal in 1969 , the Indian government , that is ,the Central government [under Congress [I] ] ,held a 49.1 percent stake in it !! As one finds on wikipedia , several previous incidents of gas leak and plant malfunction had taken place from 1981-1984 !! In 1976, two unions had complained about pollution in the plant . Several factors which contributed to the gas leak were - using a more dangerous method for gas production , SWITCHING OFF ALL THE SECURITY SYSTEMS JUST TO SAVE SOME MONEY , storing gas in tanks beyond the limit and all . Had the previous gas leaks and incidents been taken seriously , wudnt thousands of lives have been saved ?? If one ignores all the pre-warnings to a big disaster , and then it strikes , who is responsible for it ?? Even without ownership , the government has the powers to stop any industrial plant that is hazardous to environment and life , but here the congress government itself was the owner !! In the years after Indira broke Congress in 1969 , the entire system was corrupted from top to bottom . Without bribing government officials ,ignorance of previous warnings would never have taken place . The CEO of Union Carbide ,Warren Anderson visited the disaster site within few days of the tragedy , was arrested [ for show off ] , But then ..... given bail in just 6 HOURS , ferried on a state government [Congress] plane to New Delhi , and then allowed to escape to USA ,never to return !! Rajiv Gandhi was the PM then who allowed this to happen !! Quite obviously so that his mother's government doesnt get black-faced in this !!

   Can traitors like this ever be allowed to rule India ?? The answer is a big NO !! Another reason why India needs to kick out Congress and vote BJP and Narendra Modi to power !!

4) Foreign Policy :

   India , along with Israel , has got the worst neighbourhood in the world ! We have got countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh which are terrorist havens , then we have countries like Srilanka , Nepal , Myanmar , Maldives who are mostly politically unstable . Then we have Bhutan which doesnt matter much , Afghanistan borders us in POK . Then we have the big neighbour , China !!

   Coming to China first , it was a victim of imperialism , like India , right upto 1940s . But the Chinese civil war changed everything !! The communists replaced the Kuomintangs and Mao Zedong assumed power in 1949. One of the first things which China did after regime change was invading and annexing Tibet in 1950 ! Tibet was an independent country , but China swallowed it like a predator does its prey !! To the then PM Nehru , it meant nothing . he couldnt sense that the new China was just as imperial as the British and the French . However Sardar Patel , who had more foresight and who was Home minister and Deputy Prime Minister , sensed this and wrote a long letter to Nehru regarding the matter , urging him to strengthen India 's defences and oppose Chinese annexation of Tibet . But Nehru never did . He thought China could be trusted and China could not be a threat to India ! An illusion which would prove costly 12 years later , in 1962 , when Chinese invasion brought India to near collapse . India was offered a permanent seat in the UN security council , which was well deserved , considering we were the ones who had shown the colonial world the path to freedom !! But nehru gifted it to China as a ' friendhip gesture '. Independent India's first scamster , Krishna Menon , who was involved with Jeep scam in 1948 , was made Defence Minister , despite several Congress men opposing it , just because he was nehru's friend . Tragedy was that the person didnt love India much , he liked Europe and US , but not India . He was defence minister , but did the work of foreign minister ,visiting foreign countries on the slightest pretext . He was of the opinion that since Pakistan and China were our friends now , there was no need for an Army and it should be dismantled !! Imagine , a defence minister talking of dismantling the army . He made cuts in the defence budget instead of increasing it , arms factories were converted to other things , and Nehru allowed it all , just to keep his friendhip. opposition to Menon increased to such an extent that J.B. Kripalani , who was congress president in 1947 during independence decided to leave congress and fight Menon from his North Mumbai constituency in the 1962 General Elections , to prevent him from entering parliament and thus making him quit as defence minister . But alas , he lost to him !! The result is when Chinese attacked India in 1962 , spitting on nehru's ' Hindi Chini bhai bhai slogan ' , our army was totally unprepared , it didnt have proper weapons and it didnt have proper shoes as well , the result being several Indian soldiers dying due to cold and lack of proper roads in border areas . India lost the war , but the loss wasnt inflicted by China , but by our own congress government !!
   The present UPA government continues similar policies . When the recent India-China border standoff took place with Chinese entering 19 kms into India , UPA government refused to accept it as a serious issue , dubbing it as a local issue . Chinese incursions into India have increased , but they are not being taken seriously by UPA government . On the contrary , cheap and third-class Chinese products are penetrating Indian market . When Holi comes , we have Chinese colours and related products , which are harmful to skin . When Diwali comes , we have Chinese crackers dominate the market. Chinese toys which have been found harmful for children have already entered our market . We see made in China products everywhere !! A simple threat of a ban on some of these products would bring China to its senses . For Chinese depend on us to a lot of extent economically . Without Indian Iron-ore , Chinese industries would face raw material shortage . Without Indian markets , their products wouldnt sell much . But as our Congress government has a third -class foreign policy , Chinese continue to bully us , repeatedly claiming Arunachal Pradesh !!

   Now coming to Pakistan  , Nehru gifted a portion of Kashmir to Pakistan by unnecessarily taking the dispute to United Nations !! Thus India cannot really claim victory in 1947 First Kashmir War , because Pakistan got much more than what it should have , as Indian army and Air Force were capable of throwing the invaders out !! The 1965 war was a stalemate , while the 1971 war was won by India . Bangladesh was created and Pakistan was partitioned , Good !! But Y didnt Indira Gandhi take back our own POK from Pakistan ?? Captured Territory as well as captured 90,000 soldiers of pakistan were returned to pakistan by the Shimla agreement , but our own POK was not taken back !! What kind of victory was this ? Do we ever hear of a victor not taking back his own property from a vanquished enemy ?? Article 370 giving Kashmir was perhaps necessary to secure the state's accession to India !! But even after so many years of Congress rule , it wasnt withdrawn !! Indira damaged the constitution severely during the emergency with 42nd amendment but didnt bother to withdraw article 370 which hampers Kashmir's progress to this date !!
The came the 1980s ! The 1987 Assembly elections in J & K ,saw rampant election malpractises by congress and its allies !! This proved to be a massive trigger initiating terrorism in Kashmir in 1989 !! Unhappy youths crossed over to POK in 1988 , were not stopped . They went militant training by Pakistanis , and came back an year later in 1989 as terrorists , were not stopped either !! Congress has remained silent on the exodus and genocide of Kashmiri Pundits who have become a refugee in their own country !
Pakistan has been sponsoring anti-India terrorism and sheltering Indian criminals right since 1980s . First Punjab ,then Kashmir !! but all Congress government does is appeasing it ! 250 million rupees were donated to Pakistan for flood relief despite knowing that it wud be used against India !! Obtaining visas have been made easy for Pakistanis when they should have been made impossible to obtain !! During sports events like Commonwealth Games 2010 and ICC cricket world cup 2011 , several Pakistanis came to India , but none bothered to check how many returned . Now terrorists can easily take visas posing as ordinary pakistanis and visit India . This , after a terrorist like David Headley had legally entered India and surveyed targets for 26/11 !! If one says that India doesnt learn lessons from tragedies ,doesnt value it's citizens lives, it wud be wrong . Its only that Congress doesnt want to learn from tragedies and congress doesnt value lives !! To equate congress with entire nation wud b wrong !!

    Now compare these with BJP led NDA policies on China and Pakistan . China first - Vajpayee made sure that China accepts Sikkim as a part of India during his China visit in 2003 !! He did try to improve relations with China , but not at the cost of Indian pride . One didnt find third class and harmful Chinese products in Indian markets during NDA rule !! Also , modernisation of Military was faster with a Nationalist like George Fernandes as defence minister , unlike today when its slow !! Under Vajpayee , incidents of Chinese incursions were low !!
   Coming to Pakistan , its not that BJP never tried for peace . Vajpayee himself went to Lahore in a bus for this !! But when Pakistanis backstabbed us in Kargil , Vajpayee was decisive !! He handled the issue well , giving Indian army and Air Force full support and mobilising a nation for the cause !! He did invite Musharraf again in 2001 , which even I feel he shouldnt have !! But when Musharraf refused to acknowledge terrorism , dubbing it as freedom struggle , he was asked to leave , and then no negotiations and talks were done with pakistan for 3 years till 2004 when Mussharaf stated that he wud make sure Pakistani soil is not used for anti-India terrorism !! 
  These are the policies which India needs to emulate today ! And expecting Congress to do that would be a folly !! Only BJP and MODI can do it !! To a question on how to handle international pressure ,Modi replied in an interview on India TV's ' Aap Ki Adalat ' , " we r a nation of 120 crore people , we can put pressure on the entire world ! How can the world put pressure on us ?? " . This is the attitude we require of a Prime Minister and not the silence of Manmohan Singh !!

Does one need more reasons to choose Narendra Modi ?? I end up this article with a slogan in Hindi - Loot Ta Bharat kare pukaar , Narendra Modi abki baar !!!

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  1. Very good article. Importantly when he comes on the national scene Sri Modi will have the benefit of Dr.Subramanian Swamy, a nationalist par excellence, acclaimed economist and a true stateman of the rank of Sri Vallabhai Patel. India will be transformed into a shining star of the 21st century under their leadership.

    1. And all the negativity regarding the country's future will vanish !! But we must be careful . Ppl fought hard for Independence but lost that spirit when country became free . we are working to make NaMo Pm but when he becomes we shudnt relax !!

    2. Also , Subramanian Swamy wud make a dream Home Minister if Modi makes him ! india;s fortunes will open !!

  2. Modiji should not have destroyed the telephone records of the riots. He could have proved why he could not save those in Bhavnagar Madrassa but not those trapped in Naroda Patiya for several hours (despite the frantic calls from Ehsan Jaffrey). Like he says, he could not even hurt a 'Kutte Ke Bachha'. Indeed the BJP has a laudable track record of inner party democracy and elections within the party. That is how Gadkari was selected out of the blue. People say RSS had a hand in this but what do they know? BJP record of governance was so great when they were in power. Gujarat did not even have electricity until Modiji arrived on the scene. Torrent Power the biggest private power company in Gujarat set up long before Modi arrived obviously had nothing to do with the power situation in Gujarat. And despite the fine governance of the BJP from 99 to 2004 they lost to the 'Corrupt, terror encouraging' Congress both in 2004 and 2009 ! Shocking.

    1. *correction* why he could save those in Bhavnagar Madrassa but not those in Naroda Patiya....

    2. the reason is , ehsaan jaafri did the mistake of calling his partymen in the Godhra municipality !! and they didnt bother to save him !! and plus , as MP , MH ,RJ and PB hadnt sent policemen , there was severe shortage of policemen !!