Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Vyapam murders ! Why the conspiracy isn't what it appears to be !?

   The Vyapam murders ie. murders related and claimed to be related to the Vyapam scam , seem to be shaking our Country !! Rightly so , because it is rare for so many people to disappear in a scam , that too one like Vyapam which is not so big in financial terms , ie. in terms of loss to the exchequer But the way things are taking shape does raise certain doubts that these murders seem to be a big conspiracy - not against the victims alone , but also against a performing state government , undoubtedly amongst India's best !! Here's Why....

1) This scam is not something which has happened recently only. It is something which has been happening right since the tenure of Arjun Singh as Madhya Pradesh CM. , and continued right into Digvijay Singh's tenure as well . The first case was reported in 1995 , and the first FIR was in 2000.
Thus ,this clearly signifies Congress involvement in the scam as well . But yet , the media is portraying as if congress isnt involved in this scam.

2) The first investigations were set up , after the local audit found financial and administrative irregularities in the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board [MPPEB] , in 2007 - during tenure of Shivraj SIngh Chauhan as CM. it was only then ,that a committee was set up to probe the irregularities ! It was this committee that in its report said that several candidates had passed exams by impersonation.

3) The investigations were than passed on to special task force [STF], leading to a total of 200 arrests , including that of Laxmikant Sharma , who was former education minister of MP ,and from BJP. On November 5, 2014, Madhya Pradesh High Court rejected the Congress leader Digvijay Singh's petition for CBI probe and instead ordered setting up of a special investigation team (SIT) to act as a watchdog for the court. The SIT is a 3-member team chaired by Justice Chandresh Bhushan, a retired Judge of the Madhya Pradesh High Court.

Point to be noted here is , that , it is being projected in the media that the current government of Shivraj Singh Chauhan is not going to the CBI . Whereas the truth is that Madhya Pradesh High Court rejected CBI enquiry. Why is then lie being spread by media ??? Also , how is congress again demanding CBI enquiry from the government even after HC rejected it ??

4) As mentioned earlier , the scam has been happening since the tenure of Arjun Singh , and thus , the beneficiaries of this scam , that is the undeserving candidates who got admissions n postings through malpractises in exams , is huge. The number is in thousands - as the tenure of the scam is atleast 2 decades ! Making it difficult for police to give them round the clock protection , and thus making them easy targets !!

5) Out of nearly 47 deaths [out of 1000s of witnesses/benficiaries] that have taken place , none of the deaths have taken place in police or judicial custody . That is none of the 200 people arrested have died . All those who have died were killed outside prison. Also , a couple of deaths here have taken place outside Madhya Pradesh. It raises doubt that if indeed state's CM was involved , then how come the arrested people are safe in police custody , considering that India has a history of custodial deaths ??

6) Is it a mere co-incidence that so many people who have died recently , met Digvijay Singh just before their deaths ?? Take for instance - the Aaj Tak reporter Akshay Singh was interviewing victims , but before that , he was with Digvijay Singh ?? What does it indicate ?

7) Like I said before , it was the Madhya Pradesh HC , and not Shivraj Government , which rejected CBI enquiry. In such a case , HC's permission is required for CBI enquiry to take place , which the government has sought again , despite the SIT formed by HC monitoring the enquiries by STF. Why are then half-truths and blatant lies being showed in the media ??

8) Another Fact is that Digvijay Singh presented fake evidence in court. How come no media persons grill him on it ?? Also , how come a person in whose tenure the Vyapam Scam was at its peak, even bothered to produce evidence before court with regards to this scam ??

9) Is it a mere co-incidence that the number of murders has stepped up ever since Sonia Gandhi and her family's name started surfing up in Lalitgate controversies ?? There were murders before , but how come now we see daily murders ? Is it a concpiracy by congress and its puppet media to divert attention and thus protect their mistress ??

It is a fact that state Government of Madhya Pradesh has performed and Shivraj is credited for removing MP from 'Bimaru' states category. Practically , after their 3rd consecutive defeat in the state in 2013, has little issues to raise . Congress has a track record of stooping to the lowest levels to try to bring down BJP governments ! It was congress led mob [leader was from congress] which burnt down a coach of the Sabarmati express at Godhra in 2002 ,killing 59 people ! Considering this history , as well as considering the 9 POINTS MENTIONED ABOVE, and also considering the lies and half truths being perpetrated by media , it seems that congress has once again stooped to that level , to target both Shivraj and ultimately Modi .

Right since the Modi government has been sworn in ,there have been hit-jobs by the media ! We had the rape of a nun ,churches under attack ,muslims being denied job , and God knows what all - which all was blamed on Modi/BJP/RSS , n all of which proved to be false allegations ! And now , this , seems to be the mother of all hit jobs , which is way beyond just words and shouting in studios !

Its disgusting to see such third class level politics being played , people suddenly being killed everyday . And even more disappointing to know , that considering the beneficiaries, thus ultimately witnesses in this case are in thousands ,making police protection to everyone difficult, it might well be a few more deaths before this nonsense ends !!


  1. D matter is being diverted n MP govt n d CM is being targeted by d Congis .This revelation shud b in general public domain so that d truth will b known by all.Arnab shud b snubbed by all means.BJP is insulted.They r after Modi which is really intolerable.D real culprit is hiding. Pipeli Media is hyper active in delivering its judgement before highest Court of land gives its verdict.

    1. I agree , and in media trial , its always anti-BJP that will win !!

  2. And as far as i know, the guy who denied job is now placed with Adani group with really good package but no MSG will report it now. They'll report only lies on deals of adani to covers those of Vadra and ultimately Gandhi's.

    1. True , it is always one-sided reporting. Also no one would report about Hindus being denied flats in muslim localities , or muslimonly and christian only jobs !!

  3. Apportioning blame, viewing the crisis through Bjp-Congress prism is useless, as CBI investigation is on. Mr.Modi should ensure impartial enquiry and early conviction to the culprits. Otherwise he will meet the fate of Mr.Manmohan Singh.