Saturday, 2 August 2014

The pseudo-secular siege of Kashmir !!

Hindus stopped from attending a pilgrimage in their own Country , by an "Indian" CM !!!
The Kousar Nag Yatra , which Hindu pilgrims go for in d state of Jammu and Kashmir , has been banned by the CM of J & K Omar Abdullah !!
This , under the pretext that too many yatras cause "harm" to "ecology" of Kashmir but the real reason is the separatists of Kashmir wont want it n wud create "problems" if the Yatra is continued !!
So rather than leading the fight against separatists , d CM Omar , who has full security , bows down before them , n allows them to dictate terms !!

Wonder Y there is no "harm to Ecology" when Kashmiri separatists like Gilani freely give hate speeches in Kashmir n dictate terms by frequently calling for "bandhs" ?? Y there is no "harm to Ecology" when flags supporting terrorist organization ISIS are openly waved in Srinagar ?? Y there is no "harm to Ecology" when stones r pelted at Kashmir Police ,CRPF or Indian army by people indoctrinated by pro-pakistan Kashmiri separatists ??
Jammu and Kashmir is a state where Hindus are in minority , and this is the treatment given to them by the separatists n J & K government alike !!
The CM has all available resources to arrange for all d requirements of yatra , including security !! The center is always ready to assist with help from paramilitary n military forces !! But No ,Vidhan Sabha Elections in Jammu and Kashmir are coming , and for the sake of a few 1000 muslim votes , he has purposely banned Hindus from attending a pilgrimage !!
Similar step-brotherly treatment ,if not ban , has been given to pilgrims attending Amarnath Yatra !!! It's one of the most popular pilgrimaged of India , and yet , there is a dearth of proper facilities required for the huge pilgrim influx !! There r still no proper roads , much of the route is still 'kutcha road' !! Every year , there r cases of pilgrims falling into valleys en-route to Amarnath but nothing is done !
Surprisingly , Indian mainstream media , which creates a berserk ruckus n shouting at times , always remains silent whenever Hindus r the target !!
When a Shiv Sena MP tried feeding a waiter third-class food over an argument without knowing that he was a muslim , n later regreted on knowing when he was a muslim , some mainstream media channels like Times Now tried to make it a ' Hindu-Muslim ' issue which it was nowhere close to , they said that a ' Muslim has been targetted in Ramzan by a communal Shiv Sena' !! Big platant lies !
But when a chief minister of a state , I repeat " CHIEF MINISTER " , bows down before Jihadis n separatists , none of the mainstream media has criticized him , or said that " Hindus have been targetted during Shravan " !!
Also , a few days ago , AMARNATH YATRA PILGRIMS WERE ATTACKED BY TERRORISTS WHO BURNT DOWN PILGRIM'S TENTS AND KITCHENS !!! But surprisingly , this did not make it to the news for most media channels and newspapers !!
The stupid 9 PM debates on most news channels probably have "rules" of distoring stories and over playing an incident when the victim's religion is islam but underplaying the incidents when the victims r Hindus or SIkhs or non-muslims !! WHAT A HYPOCRISY !!!
This combined hypocrisy of pseudo-secular politicians n paidmedia has to be stopped !! Else be prepared to let go of ur festivals n culture in future when these things happen in ur state !!! Jai Hind ! Jai Shri Ram ! Jai Shri Krishna !!

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